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About Igclm

The challenge of creating an invigorating center of excellence in science is an immense task which requires enormous human and financial resources from both within and external to Nigeria and the African continent.

To achieve this aim, our proposed strategy has been to bring together expertise in the science of Genetic Chemistry, Biology, Laboratory Medicine and Nutrition to interact in an interdisciplinary manner to address the problems of health in the African region. This approach will demonstrate the effectiveness of bringing together multiple local and international skills and expertise in science to address the human needs through implementing a broader based effort not only on a national scale, but on the international laboratory scale.

The institute is a center for advanced research in pure and applied science and medicine designated for carrying out research activities and mentoring scientists in the nation and across borders in other to build effective collaborative teams for addressing needs of the African continent.

 The purpose of the institute is to channel the creative energies of our staff, associates and graduates into research, build the human capital and demonstrate both the effectiveness and the requirements of increasing the scientific capabilities of Nigeria, the scientific community on the continent in an enriched laboratory that is equipped with common facilities and carefully selected array of instruments, computers and communication equipments to support a Misinformation database for the sciences in order to make genetic chemistry and the practice of laboratory medicine both creative and enjoyable

 The IGCLM building is located at 14 Osuntokun Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan midway between the University of Ibadan and the University College Teaching Hospital. It is within 2hours of driving distance to Ife, Oshogbo, Ogbomosho, Sagamu, Lagos, Abeokuta and Ilorin to relate adequately with their institutions.