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The Governor of Oyo State


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The Vice Chancellor

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Deans of Faculties

Chaplain of Convocation

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Members of Senate

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The Chaplain of Convocation, Venerable Godwin Daramola, I thank you for your prayers for us and may God accept your supplications for Lead City University, our state and our nation.

I am happy to be amidst you this morning in Adeline Hall.  Situated in a location of beauty, Lead City University remains the symbol of the aspiration of all that is good and pure, producing professionals and entrepreneurs contributing to the growth and strength of our nation and mankind.

I offer a warm welcome to you all: parents, families, friends and our worthy graduands; to the convocation ceremony of Lead City University.

This is the Seventh Convocation of Lead City University and it is a day of joy to our graduating students, their parents and the faculty members who have been so helpful in their support towards the successful attainment of the goals of our students of yesterday in becoming worthy recipients of their respective degrees from this University.  I offer my felicitations to all of you on your wonderful achievements.

Our honourary recipients of today are personalities of notable achievements in the society. Their leadership qualities in our society are noteworthy enough for them to be placed as role models for our graduands and students. We would listen with delight to the public orator as he presents them for their respective degrees.  I offer you my congratulations.

The good news this morning is that the programmes of the Faculty of Law of this University have been approved for immediate take off for 2014/2015academic session. We thank all those who had made this possible at this time after a long wait to resume the full complements of our academic programmes in all the faculties.

I salute our proprietor for the continued support in resources to this university in its aspiration to be globally ranked. I greet the Chairman and members of our Board of Trustees, the Chairman and members of Council, the Vice Chancellor and members of Senate, Management and members of Faculties and staff for their valuable contributions to the distinctions and achievements of this University.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Femi Onabajo would in due course inform convocation of the achievements of the university since the last convocation in 2013.

Convocation is an important milestone in the educational journey of the student. It is an occasion when new sets of qualified graduates are released into the society for service and contribution to the development, enrichment and well-being of society.

It is a matter of pride that every year, we at Lead City University continue to add new enterprising graduates as degree holders in different disciplines to our nation’s rich reservoir of qualified persons who will make Nigeria proud of her professional human resource. The credit for this distinction goes to our staff, both teaching and non-teaching.

The hallmark of academic excellence attained so far at this Institution is the result of a high standard of teaching, an environment adequately conducive for learning and a culture of single-minded pursuit of knowledge and passion for the achievement of excellence. This attitude has been imbibed through hard work, dedication, discipline and determination that the students, teachers and the administration all together bring to bear on their output.  Here at Lead City University, I see these attributes significantly visible. My compliments to all of you on this distinction.

The education that you have acquired here is for achieving the greatest happiness not only for yourself but as well for others.

You require much understanding of the meaning of life, through learning and in your vocation, in order to express life fully and lovingly for the greatest expression of happiness and to serve humanity with all your endowments.

We have kept you in this citadel in the past four years for you to acquire the preparation to live a full life.  This you must continue to do in the quest for life long education after the foundation laid in you.  Your success in that effort, offers this nation hope of a better humanity and service to mankind.  My request to you is to continue to express the motto and spirit of this university, ‘knowledge for self-reliance’ in all your dealings in your life’s journey as you become worthy ambassadors of Lead City University. It is for this reason that you are called ‘Leaders’.

You will be called upon in leadership wherever you find yourself in this country and elsewhere around the world.  I would implore you to have a sense of responsibility and show it in as much tangible manner.  Looking at you now, I am filled with a new hope about Nigeria’s future despite all of our many present challenges. It is on the solid strength of your character that Nigeria will progress and become a prosperous, developed, united and strong nation.

It is however sad to watch the disturbing trends of violence, insurgency and instability in our nation. We cannot but feel sad to have over 200 of our girls and our nation’s youth carted away before our eyes, girls deprived of the education that you have been privileged to receive.  We are still counting the lost days that they have spent separated from their loved ones, the denied access to an evolving life and the agony of the loss as a nation. We join others in this nation to ask that these girls and many in similar situation be released for freedom and rights to a full education.

I have a metaphor for you to take away on this occasion.  “We have built a large beautiful ship with you as the building block.  It has all the comforts in it but requires a compass.”  Let your education here received be that compass in this ship, so that we can realize our common purpose as a country.

Let everyone of you contribute to our great country on the path of glory, occupying the rightful place in your community and in this nation.  And above all, be a good human being, do your best to establish humane values in attributes of care, compassion and weave a web of life full of happiness, peace and prosperity, with everyone contributing to maximize our gross national happiness.

May God always bless your noble aspirations and fond ambitions in life. Success and achievement of every one of you will be a matter of pride to Lead City University and ultimately the success of Nigeria.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Delivered by Professor Gabriel B. Ogunmola FAS


Lead City University.