The Institute

aboutThe institute of genetic chemistry and laboratory medicine was established by the Science and Technology Development Foundation, a registered Non-Governmental Organization, RC 407320.

It is a recent innovation in the Nigerian scientific landscape. It is a private non-governmental institution established to conduct high quality research and offer services of a sophisticated nature to the community.

He institute is created to mentor and develop human capacity in research in basic and applied sciences in genetics, chemistry, biomedical and ago-allied sciences. It will also consolidate and expand major existing efforts to combat the most serious threats to human health and overall well-being in Nigeria and the rest of the African region.


Our mission is to develop a centre of excellence in genetic chemistry and laboratory medicine where scientists would be able to pursue research activities at a high level at the frontier of knowledge studying the local genetic resources and upgrade the human capacity in skill and excellent science.

Strategic Intent

We intend developing scientific and research capacity in a multi-disciplinary environment that will promote appropriate responses to Africa’s most pressing health problems; and to expand our collaboration with other advanced countries in addressing health priorities.

Potential for Development

The institute will sustain an environment of high caliber personnel of high productivity that will attract national and international researchers and secure a future for Africa’s promising new generation of scientists, from an integrated approach of basic and applied sciences, c clinical and public health perspective that focused on improving quality and promoting excellence in health research priorities and health care delivery.

The initiative is based on the premise that we must have local research capacity, and that the best way to build such capacity is to develop institutions that are prepared to function in a globally competitive way but also need focus to build critical mass of human capital and sufficient resources to deliver on set goals.The institute is structured to be a centre of relevant, cutting edge biomedical research, employing enabling and emerging technologies that are directly embedded in an environment where research skills in genetics, chemistry, molecular biology and laboratory medicine are being developed to address the major priority diseases in Nigeria and the African continent

The purpose of the Institute is

    • To mentor and channel the creative energies of our staff, associates and graduates into excellent research, build the human capacity and demonstrate the effectiveness of increasing the scientific capabilities of Nigeria for achieving sustainable human wellbeing and development.
    • To develop complex facilities that take advantage of the Laboratory’s unique resources of chemical, Instrumentation and bioinformatics facilities that would support the needs of the wider research community.
    • To establish an enriched laboratory provided with a carefully selected array of instruments, in order to make genetic chemistry and the practice of laboratory medicine both creative and enjoyable.
    • To produce excellent research output in science and advanced technology in a safe, environmentally suitable manner.