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The Chaplain of convocation, thank you for your prayers for us and may God accept your supplication for Lead City University, our state and our nation.

Good morning and hearty greetings to you all.

I offer a warm welcome to parents, families, friends and the graduands here at the fourth convocation ceremony of Lead City University.

“There is an end, if there is a start and indeed a good one at the end of intensive years of study”. Our students of yesterday and graduands today have exuded both their innate and acquired qualities in order to be in Adeline Hall for convocation. I rejoice with you, parents and families and I welcome you into this celebration of their achievements. Convocation is an honoured tradition of Universities all over the world from ancient times and we partake in it. It is also an opportunity for us as a University to reflect upon the milestone achievements that we have made and the challenges ahead.

Traditionally, it is an opportunity for the University to recognize and award honorary degrees to outstanding men and women who have made significant achievements of impact on the society, the nation and worldwide through their accomplishments in their vocation. This year’s honorary degrees recipients deserve their names to be joined to the august list of our honorary graduands as men and women of honour and outstanding contributions to society. It would be my delight to receive and admit them after their public presentation to their respective honorary degrees.

This University by its achievement along with other universities has become an instrument by which our national aspirations can move forward by the output of our staff and the quality of the education that we impact here to our students. We have been able to nourish and enable creative thinking with unbiased research for truth in our students, and have helped them learn what is noble.

We need today’s graduate and institutions such as Lead City University to think differently in order to drive creative thinking and innovative approaches to difficult situations in our country and today’s complex world, a situation for which we have prepared our students to face the future with confidence and boldness.

As much as every roof of this University is branded blue, a sky color that has become a landmark adorning the city of Ibadan, this color represents an international academic standard and this is what we stand for at Lead City University. Our students, as would-be leaders, have been supported to attain intellectual heights both in character and learning under our sky blue roofs and are encouraged to attain greater heights above the sky. I admit that all their tremendous achievements are made possible by the contributions of our dedicated academic and administrative staff in their service to the University community.

I wish to express our appreciation as a University community to the Board of Trustees and the University Governing Council for the good works and commitment that continue to give expression to the visible development of our infrastructures and the beauty of our campus.

The Vice-Chancellor would address the convocation to our delight to show our expansiveness and our successful endeavours which has resulted in the number of graduating students from the different faculties of the University.

From the inception of this University, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor J.B Aladekanmo, a distinguished Professor of Physics, has continued to provide the University Management with exemplary leadership and creative management that has resulted in expansive infrastructure and an increase in the development of our academic programmes.

For seven years, he has served the institution with diligence as the foundation Vice Chancellor, and provided prudence in the management of our resources using both knowledge and experience that he has acquired from previous working years to carry the University to the present state of eminence. Our special appreciation goes to him and his family for all he has done for Lead City University. We thank him most sincerely for his services and dedication to the course of the University. He is indeed a blessing to this University.

I am happy to announce at this convocation that in recognition of Prof. J.B. Aladekanmo meritorious services to Lead City University as foundation Professor of Physics and Electronics and Vice Chancellor since the inception of Lead City University, and taking into account his cumulative years of experience as a distinguished Professor of Physics and Electronics in his previous services to the Nigerian University system, and on the approval of the University Senate and Council of this University; Prof. J.B. Aladekanmo would from January 1, 2012 become the first Emeritus Professor of this University. My hearty congratulations.

On behalf of this University, I want to record our tremendous appreciation for the focused leadership from our Board of Trustees, the Governing Council which has continued to put at our disposal resources with which to translate our dreams and aspirations of a first class University into reality.

Our dedicated teachers have been a source of pride to us as they continue to nurture our students for effective education that goes beyond book learning to making out of them a creative force and our nation’s resource on the completion of their respective programmes.

Our country needs highly skilled graduates who can affect the future by the contribution that is being made today. We aim as a University to spotlight on human resource, development and research to create new knowledge and provide solutions to problems of development and the environment.

Our society has remained behind in development due to its low use of science and social based knowledge in its subsistence economy; and the emergence of an urban community that has to be supported on imported technology. Under these conditions, a disequilibrated social structure of our country emerged to the detriment of the majority of its people.

In order to survive in the global economy Nigeria and would require a large population of literate and numerate citizens, with technological skill to undertake high quality scientific research, formulating viable technology policies, and implementing strategic developmental programmes that would lead the country to rapid transformation of its economic realities. It is, for this reason that we must invest in our institutions to enable them produce trained professionals in virtually all main scientific fields in order to be able to explore new frontiers in Science and Technology.

Lead City University is investing heavily in the development of the Faculty of Applied Sciences Information Technology along with other faculties in Law, Management Science and Entrepreneurship.

I call on the Federal Government to integrate Science and Technology in driving its transformation agenda.

There is no nation who would not like to remove from its midst the signs of stagnation, be it economic, political or social. We must reduce the present constrain on Education and Research to promote national development. We must fund Science, Technology and Innovation to provide competitiveness.  There is an urgent need to set up a National Science and Technology Innovation Fund, such fund would support frontier research at both private and public institutions as well as take up fund Research and Development in Industries.

The absence of growth, sustainable agriculture and food production, and low level industrial output is a common feature throughout the nation.  Poor farming methods have contributed to increased soil erosion and soil infertility.  Even though there is a large arable land, there are large portions that have fragile soils. Entrepreneurship that involves improved food production to replace food importation and use of fallow land to rehabilitate the rural farming in order to make it modern, is an urgent call for the attention of our young graduates.

By promoting an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge application in solving the problems of society through partnership among disciplines and among ourselves, we would succeed in transforming this country such that it is at par with other developed nations. We make history here and every step and action you all make are invaluable historical events and a line in the page of the book of the life of this University.

As a convocation, I call for reflection on our promising future and our standing in the world, as we aspire to be a world class University. We boldly express the collective responsibility of stewardship of the University to the very public that we serve in our aspiration to achieve excellence in teaching, scholarship and service at the world level.

We are all stewards of the remarkable legacy that we are establishing here.  And we gather here as one community of common purpose, just as we envisioned we would celebrate our University’s achievements, reaffirm our commitment to its binding values of education, and renew our highest aspirations for its future.

We indulge our graduates, their parents and families to also contribute to the development of the University in terms of support of education of their wards, by doing this we would be building a country set on a global economy standard.

I enjoin you to partake in this effort in whatever way you can as you leave our campus, as our graduates of today, our honorary graduands and friends. By such an undertaking, we would be building a lasting legacy of value in our nation, have necessary skills and courage to confront our errors of the past and chart a new path for a prosperous country.

Thank you all.

Professor Gabriel B. Ogunmola FAS


Lead City University.