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The Chaplain of Convocation, Venerable Godwin Daramola, I thank you for your prayers for us and may God accept your supplications for Lead City University, our state and our nation.

It is a delight to be amidst you this morning in Adeline Hall. Lead City University remains the symbol of the aspiration of all that is good and pure, producing professionals and entrepreneurs fashioned for contributing to the growth and strength of our nation and mankind.

I offer a very warm welcome to you all: parents, families, friends and our worthy graduands; to the 8th convocation ceremony of Lead City University.

Today is a day of joy for our graduating students, their parents and the faculty members who have been so helpful in their support towards the successful attainment of the goals of our students in achieving a university education and who today are worthy recipients of their respective degrees from this University.  I offer my felicitations and congratulations to all of you on your remarkable achievements. We are proud of you all and you remain our worthy ambassadors for life.

Our honourary degrees recipients of today are personalities of notable achievements of national and global relevance in the society. Their leadership qualities in our society are noteworthy enough for them to be sought out as role models for our graduands and students. We are pleased to have them accept to receive the honours from our institutions. We would listen with delight to the public orator as he presents them for their respective degrees. I offer you my congratulations.

We must continue to thank our proprietor for the continued support in resources made available to this university in its aspiration to be a university of high ranking in the nation and globally as well. The physical facilities have continued to improve from year to year giving rise to improved environment that is conducive for learning. I greet our Lady Chairman and members of our Board of Trustees, the Chairman and members of Council, the Vice Chancellor and members of Senate, Management and members of Faculties and staff for their valuable contributions to the great strides and achievements of this University in the first decade of our journey to attaining the status of a great centre of learning.

From our modest beginning in 2005, a center of learning, Lead City University, Ibadan was created for the training of our youth where they would have the opportunity for doing things most useful and most ornamental in order to make our country and our world better for it. In our efforts we created outstanding graduands in the very mission that we have set for ourselves at Lead City University Ibadan and aspiring Leaders we have created out of them. It is our pride to have the new set of ‘Enterprise Graduates 2015’ pass through our portal and be sent out to excel in the wide world. Fly like an eagle and conquer all that is as the globe remaining your arena to achieve and prosper. Continue to add more laurels to the one you are receiving today. The sky is the limit! Continue to forge ahead.

We acknowledge that we are not the first university to arrive in this city of Ibadan, the intellectual capital of this nation but we have come with a mission to adorn the intellectual capital of our nation with an additional dome of excellence and relevance in the pursuit of learning in order to contribute most usefully and most aesthetically through the acts of our achievements in our students and our staff.

We have with our dedicated staff acted out our dreams in the achievements of our students and that is why we are here to share with you all and to celebrate a unique occasion of the 10years of our foundation as a university and our 8th convocation, to admit new granduands to their different degrees and to honour men and women of repute in the society.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Femi Onabajo would in due course, inform convocation of the achievements of the university since the last convocation in 2014.

Convocation is an important milestone in the educational journey of the student.  It is an occasion when new sets of qualified graduates are released into the society for service and contribution to the development, enrichment and well-being of society. It is also an occasion to honour those who have achieved excellence in their respect vocations and characters in the society.

The hallmark of academic excellence attained so far at this Institution is the result of a high standard of teaching, an environment adequately conducive for learning and a culture of single-minded pursuit of knowledge and passion for the achievement of excellence.  This attitude has been imbibed through hard work, dedication, discipline and determination that our students, teachers and the administration all together bring to bear on their output.  Here at Lead City University, I continue to see these attributes significantly visible.  My compliments to all of you on this distinction.

The education that you have acquired here is for achieving the greatest good not only for yourself but as well for others in the society in your service to this nation and mankind.

We have kept you working hard at this university in the past years for you to acquire the preparation to live a responsible life as worthy citizens of this nation and the world. Your success in that effort will offer this nation hope of a better humanity and service to mankind.  My request to you this morning is that you must continue to express the motto and spirit of this university, ‘knowledge for self-reliance’ in all your dealings in your life’s journey as you become worthy ambassadors of Lead City University. It is for this reason that you are called ‘Leaders’.

You will be called upon in leadership wherever you find yourself in this country and elsewhere around the world.  I would implore you to have a sense of responsibility and show it in as much tangible manner.  Looking at you now, I am filled with a new hope about Nigeria’s future despite all of our many challenges.  It is on the solid strength of your character and a sense of high responsibility that Nigeria will progress and become a prosperous, developed, united and strong nation.

Let everyone of you be determined to contribute to the image and development our great country, by your acts of responsibility, doing what is right and noble, occupying the rightful place in your community and in this nation.  And above all, be a good human being, do your best to establish humane values in attributes of care, compassion and weave a web of life with everyone contributing to maximize our gross national happiness. Remember, where there is love and charity, God is there.

May God bless your noble aspirations and fond ambitions in life. Success and achievement of every one of you will be a matter of pride to Lead City University and ultimately the success of Nigeria as a nation.

A nation is as good as its human capabilities that its produces, it is only excellent teachers who would produce excellent students and it is the support we give to our universities that would make them produce excellent students and work of outstanding value to the society. The research result of today will become the new economy of tomorrow. I seize this opportunity to call for support from the public men and women of means to endow our university to be at the frontier learning and research, to reduce poverty, enhance human well being and produce good leaders of our nation, we have all the resources to do so. If we make the commitment now and always.

May God bless you all.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Professor Gabriel B. Ogunmola, FAS


Lead City University.