School of Mines

The School would provide both theoretical and practical training course leading to an Advanced level and Technical Certificate in;

  1. Solid minerals and mining in the tropics
  2. Mineral structures and soil types
  3. Earth works Machines
  4. Environmental Sciences and Pollution Control
  5. Analysis of Minerals and Process sing
  6. Furnaces and Metal Ore processing
  7. Machines Tools and mineral Polishing
  8. Engineering design.
  9. Civil / Engineering structures
  10. Advanced Level Courses in:
    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry
    3. Mathematics
    4. Biology
    5. Geography
    6. Computers/ICT


Entry Qualifications

Minimum of five level credits in English and Mathematics and at least two science subjects.

Candidates with advanced qualifications or job experience relevant to the courses would be considered for admission with wavers to regulations as appropriate.

The School is justified in order to offer education in skill acquisition for post secondary school graduates who intend to take up carriers in the solid mineral mining industry in Nigeria. The school would prepare candidates for both City and Guild of London examination in different vocations as well as OND offered locally in addition to running streams of A level Examination in the sciences for placement for degree programmes at University level nationally or internationally. The School would seek affiliation to reputable mining Schools in France and other parts of the world.

The Major mining operations in limestone located in Ogun State and many other mining operations in the country lacks adequately trained miners with the result that rather than mining of limestone in the state most of the limestone are dynamite blasted with consequent damage to the earth substructures in the state and might overtime leads to earth tremor and landslide. Where limestone quarries are presently being worked.