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nasThe Council of the Nigerian Academy of Science has approved the award of a new prize to deserving Nigerian scientists to be called the Nigerian Academy of Science Gold Medal (NAS GOLD MEDAL). The prize will be administered by the NAS Science PrizeCommittee and a jury, members of which are not eligible for the award themselves.The NAS Gold Medal prize will be an annual award in recognition of personal scientific excellence, with the first award to be in January 2017.  It shall be awarded to the scientist whose work made the most impact in furthering the frontiers of knowledge and has made significant contributions to mankind.  It is considered the highest honor that the Academy (the peak independent scientific institution in Nigeria) would bestow on a Nigerian Scientist in recognition of his/her scientific work. The prize consists of a medal,a certificate and a purse. There shall be a public presentation of the prize by the President of the Nigerian Academy of Science.

The call for nominations

The call for nomination is made between May and July of each year with an annual award each year in one of two categories.

The award would be in two categories:

  1. Physical Sciences
  2. Life Sciences

The public announcement of the winner(s) shall be made in October and an award ceremony in January.

For 2016 the call for nominations is in the life sciences (with the award ceremony in January 2017)



The award is open to all scientists with Nigerian nationality. Fellows of the Academy are not eligible for nomination but can nominate scientists for consideration for the award.To qualify for the award, candidates must have demonstrated scientific excellence through published works, patents and innovations, intellectual property of outstanding merit and be nominated by two (2) persons, of which one must be a specialist in the candidate’s field. The NAS Gold Medal may be awarded to a single individual or as a joint prize for collaborations arising from the work of more than one person in the same or different fields of science. The award recognizes personal contributions to excellence in research in the physical sciences as well as in the life sciences, which are the results of fundamental and applied research by any Nigerian scientist(s)s for work done predominantly in Nigeria but with international resonance, (with potential applicability to the global community). Candidates for the award must have made an outstanding contribution to science that is widely accepted, ground breaking, original and leads to the promotion and improvement of human condition.

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