Knowledge Science Study Group

It is our desire to establish a research group to host a research programme on Knowledge Science with focus on African Society. This would be an interdisciplinary study group that would break new grounds at the interface between the specialist thought across the scientific disciplines and human uses of thought both in generating intellectual products and providing solutions to human needs and conditions.

The aim of the study group activity would be to develop research ideas about concepts and practices which humans need as knowledge is deployed within the human conditions, the context and environment of African society.

We would organize a regular research discourse to address the urgent need to understand the changing role of scientific knowledge in African society in order to gain access to new opportunities which this change would bring about in African development and in human conditions in an evolving African reality within the global dimensions.

We would explore the interface of knowledge generation and application in both conceptual and methodological issues in science and technology, within a social context on one hand and African thought process and worldview on the other. The goal is to have a deep insight into matter, mind and the environment through a unifying search for reality and biological additivity in the African development.

This is a very challenging enterprise for which we would be looking for people of exceptional insight, who would bring the depth of their disciplines as specialists into a blend of homogenous interactions with other disciplines as to embrace a unifying whole in knowledge generation and application to enhance human development and thus creating an evolving knowledge science in the development and social context of African society.