Concept of Genetic Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

The new Institute of Genetic Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine has an extraordinary combination of strengths in biophysical chemistry, molecular and cell biology, genetics, macromolecular structure and function, genomics, enzymology, biotechnology, laboratory medicine and Agro biotechnology and would develop facilities and programmes in these areas. Our highly interactive research environment would be an ideal incubator for developing and optimizing multi-facility users and programmes. Research at the Institute would be supported primarily with competitive grants from foundations and contract research for client agencies of government and private organizations. Our staff consists of scientists, clinicians research fellows, laboratory
scientists, information specialists, social scientists and patent lawyers.
Our activities will be based on working in the selected focus areas of pure and applied chemistry in the understanding of biological systems and laboratory medicine. Each working group is headed by outstanding researchers, able to mobilize associates, post-doctoral fellows and students as well as operational funds and equipment, for their respective projects.

The Institute of Genetic Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine is managed by a Board of Directors with Professor G.B. Ogunmola as Chairman under the guidance of an International Advisory Board made up of accomplished professionals of distinguished careers in public and private sectors in academia, industries, finance and commerce

The Institute is a hive of linked and interactive activities supported by centralised facilities and a Bioinformatics database for the science centre with many research training programmes, seminars and workshops, with extensive flow to and from other collaborative research programmes in clinical, public health and basic applied sciences of many Nigerian University. The IGCLM will generate well-trained and innovative scientists for the African region in an attempt at developing the capacity of the many young people who wish to work at a world-dass level in this part of the world.